Lease Your Land

Are you a landowner looking to optimize the value of your property? Would you like extra income from your property to show its value, pay taxes or retire? Leasing your land through Tin Creek can provide income stability and allow you to keep your land in the family.

Leasing your land does not have to be a stressful experience. With Tin Creek, we strive to ensure your property is well maintained and you receive the income you deserve at a competitive rate. We have multiple lease options and will customize your lease plan to best fit your needs. Whether that is a hunting lease, cattle lease, row crop (shared profit models available), fishing or combination of, we will guide you to make the best decision for your family and land.

  • A few reasons to lease your land with Tin Creek
  • Landowners are able to earn more or the same amount of income in a short season. This allows us to run multiple leases on your behalf to further increase your revenue streams.
  • We will facilitate and manage all aspects of your lease, collecting rent, enforcing rules you set and market your property to provide you the best income possible.
  • Wildlife advisement and management is included as part of your lease agreement, which can further increase the long term value of your land.
  • All hunters are thoroughly vetted and will not be allowed access to your property before signing an agreement.
  • Tin Creek abides by all State and Government guidelines to ensure full compliance of agri-tourism activities.
  • Clean sweep of your entire leased property twice a year. We believe in only footprints left behind and strive to ensure our managed lands are always respected.
  • Hunting Lease liability insurance is included up to $2,000,000 at no cost to you.

Tin Creek believes in sustainable game management and land stewardship. We take pride in working with landowners to maintain their land assets. This, coupled with a monetization strategy that gives you full control will aid your desire to maximize your assets, all while effectively balancing conservation efforts. Unlike conservation easements that put major restrictions on your land, our strategy allows you to dictate end-to-end hunting and use guidelines and allows us to maximize that plan directly with our hunters.

Are you ready to lease your land?

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*We are currently not looking for Cattle leases, please check back in a few months

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